Hi! I'm Kayisha, and I am a highly dedicated, passionate, and professional Sugar Artist. I am currently the Cake Executive Officer at De L'or Cakery Corporation in New York City, where I love every moment of preparing delicious masterpieces that leave lasting impressions.
I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York. My heart has always been with food art and the human mind—so much so that I earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, hold a Master's degree in Human Services, and have obtained a Post Master's Certificate in Mental Health Counseling. While working towards that aspiration, I practiced perfecting my culinary & baking skills.
Now I'm super excited to offer even more by shipping our Artisanal Gourmet Cake Jars and cookie mixes right to your doorstep. I am also giving customers the ability to order my exotic-flavored cupcakes with a Caribbean twist online for door 2 door delivery.
Nothing makes me happier than being able to exceed your expectations and give you confidence that your sugar artistry vision will be ideally executed down to the fine-tuned details.

Can I just say "De L'orcious!!!!???" Everything is amazing! Seek out this business for all your cakes n cookies.

Mary Ramsumair

I’ve been fortunate enough to try Kayisha’s cupcakes on a few different occasions and they never disappoint! I’m a chocolate lover and the chocolate cupcakes were so delicious I find myself daydreaming about them from time to time!😍😁

Ayanna Obando